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Welcome To OpenNode

OpenNode.Org is the UK based free WiFI network. Using the popular WifiDog captive portal infrastructure, restaurants, cafes and other local businesses can both promote themselves (wirelessly!) and provide internet access to the local community.

To become an Open Node provider, there is no need to mess around with any configuration or compilation - simply purchase a preconfigured wireless unit from this site and install it using the instructions provided.

An OpenNode unit is set up so it will function either inside or outside your firewall with a very high level of protection against intrusion. Turn it on, register once on our registration page and you are ready to provide access.

Every user that registers for access will be redirected to your website as part of their registration process. All registered users can use any OpenNode.Org site with their original login information.

To use the OpenNode network, look for the 'OpenNode Wireless Ready' sign, connect to the OpenNode access point and register. Your registration will be processed immediately, and an email sent to your designated email address. Click on the hyperlink to complete registration - and from there you are free to use the internet.

Please bookmark this page and return as we add more content.

      opennode.org is a signaller.net project